Modular Water Purification System

Modular Water Purification System (MWPS) works principally through the processes of flocculation, precipitation, ultra filtration and adsorption making the system capable of purifying water against wide range of contaminants including among others , microbial contamination, non metals, heavy metals, unpleasant color and smell.

It is referred to as modular because it is made of modules (cylinders) and each module performs specific tasks in the purification process. These modules can be linked together in any required sequence rather like building blocks to make a complete system.

The number and size of modules depend on the nature of water to be purified and the output in terms of liters per hour required. MWPS has output ranging from 500litre/hour to 10,000litres/hour. MWPS is not fixed in design and function making it very flexible to help address particular water purification needs.

Fluoride in Water

According to World Health Organization (WHO 4th EDITION - 2011 - QUALITY OF DRINKING WATER) Fluoride levels above 2mg/l (2 parts per million-ppm) in drinking water is considered unsafe and have health implications referred to as Florosis. The higher the Fluoride levels the more severe the florosis. Some of the symptoms of this condition (florosis) include browning of teeth and thinning of bones resulting to recurrent fractures.

Browning if teeth as a result of fluorisis

The ground water (Borehole water) in Kenya has some of the highest Fluoride levels in world e.g. levels of 2800mg/l have been reported in Nakuru and central Kenya up to 50mg/l have been reported (KEBS EXPERTS REPORT - 2010). Therefore, removal of excess Fluoride (defluoridation) from domestic and food processing water is highly recommended to mitigate florosis.

MWPS from Fairbrooks is one of the systems that effectively remove fluoride from water.Infact currently MWPS is the only system that can remove up to 80% Fluoride while giving out 99% of purified water. The other systems have a through put of only 50% and below of purified water the other 50% is lost as waste water.